It’s a big part of our lives – more for some than others. Be honest – Do you procrastinate? Yes, I do sometimes too.

At a recent business networking lunch, I met a lady by the name of Sharee Campbell, who is a Procrastination Resolutionist – yep, it’s a thing! I was fascinated by the title. Apparently she works with people to help them shift from procrastination into action, whether they be corporate types, small business owners or gorgeous individuals, like you and I :).

Wanting to know more about this fascinating subject, I arranged to meet up with Sharee to get to know her and chat in more detail about what she does and how she inspires people.

About Sharee

Sharee has successfully helped businesspeople to put their business plans into action, find more time in their day and move forward with the sale of their business, as well as driving sales teams to increase their revenue. Essentially, she assists with your Business Development by mentoring you to work through your procrastination issues.

Firstly, she knows her subject well, partly due to six years spent studying psychology at University, in addition to a wealth of experience gained through her time as the National Marketing Manager and National Business Development Manager for several major brands.

As a result of her success, Sharee has expanded her business, which started in New Zealand, to Australia, where she has been based for the past five years. She enjoys global travel adventures and lives in a stunning penthouse on the Tweed Coast.

While all this is impressive, Sharee is passionate about helping people overcome their barriers.  She believes we are wired to be happy, and for that to occur, we need spare time to enjoy, to contemplate and to create … essentially to grow.

She knows only too well the challenges women face, having overcome a great deal of sexism during her life, as well as the daily grind of double parenting (playing the role of both Mum AND Dad).

I asked what inspires her, and she said: Clever progress, respect, kindness, sharing, selflessness, research, listening and standing up to ask respectful, challenging questions.

The keys to her success – reading, thinking, learning, listening, asking, choosing to look at a thing from many angles simultaneously, taking a genuine interest in people, and taking a risk and having it pay off.

Her mission is to share her knowledge to help others. Sharee believes that, “All we need is respect and kindness so that we all grow”.

I asked what advice she’d give to her fellow women, and she replied – To trust your knowledge, listen to your own truth, speak it and share it. We moderate and grow through doing so, as individuals and as a community.

OK, now let’s get down to the nitty gritty questions …

Why do you think people procrastinate?

Procrastination is a symptom. It is caused by a combination of fear and lack of desire. Fear is encultured into us religiously, so unlearning fear is usually a lot of fun as we unpack what we have accepted as truth, but from the perspective of when we are a far younger person … so the fears are not only flawed, but often quite silly.

How do you help people overcome procrastination?

To fix a thing we have to know what part is not working, or where the challenges are. This becomes more obvious in the normal course of working together and strategically making progress within a business, such as finding bottlenecks, locating the odd process that is damaging rather than delightful.

I ask questions that steer the individual towards self-enlightened actions. And I teach from business experience, having worked profitably in a variety of business sectors.

We discuss the existing workflow of processes versus the ideal, and step-by-step, we implement changes. We define the end goals and work back from them. This cross correlation provides clarity.

Sharee’s 5 top tips for overcoming procrastination

  1. Develop clarity
  2. Know your purpose
  3. Take small steps to work toward completion
  4. Get help from a mentor who can see things you may not be able to
  5. Automate as much as possible so that you have choices

If you or someone you know would like to overcome the issue of procrastination, you can contact Sharee at Evolva Group.

So that’s what a Procrastination Resolutionist does!! I have a feeling I’ll be chatting with Sharee more often in the coming weeks and months!

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are entirely my own. This is not a sponsored post.

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