Just about everyone I know has purchased a scratch-off ticket, lottery ticket or Lotto entry of some description at some stage of their lives. Some of us have given or received tickets as a gift, while others buy lottery tickets every week in the hope of winning big and retiring young. As the ad says, “Wouldn’t it be nice?”

Before you start getting excited… No, I haven’t won the lottery … yet! 🙂

But have you ever really thought seriously about what you’d do if you won a large amount of money? This requires serious thought about what’s really important in your life.

What would winning a large sum of money mean to you? Would it mean you could follow your passion and do something you love?

What would you do first … give up work and head to the beach?

Buy a home or pay off your mortgage?

Help out your family?

Buy a fancy sports car?

Start ticking things off your bucket list – like taking an extended overseas holiday?

Or would you use the money to help those less fortunate? There are so many worthy causes and charities who could put the money to good use but … would you want to give it all away?

Not everyone who wins big has a happy ending, with well-documented stories of a “lottery curse”. Some people who’ve won the lottery claim the experience has ruined their lives and put them under immense stress, sometimes resulting in the breakdown of marriages and relationships. Others have ended up broke after “blowing the lot” while living the high life, or have given it away to vultures who surround them, begging for a slice of the pie. Some winners have turned to alcohol, drugs and other excesses due to the boredom that they say set in when they no longer had to work. Speaking of work, there have been some high profile cases of lottery wins coming between workmates who purchased a ticket together.

Do you think winning the lottery would bring you happiness? Having money would certainly solve some short-term issues and help pay off debts, but as time passes and you get used to being rich, the money may not bring the happiness you were hoping for.

Personally, I think winning the lottery would allow me to travel more, which equals happiness to me. I’m not sure whether I’d give up work, as my work is such a big part of my life and having a purpose is vital, in my opinion. Maybe I could find another purpose or something to become passionate about if I was rich … that’s something to ponder!

Maybe winning a large amount of money isn’t the dream-come-true we all wish it could be. What do you think?

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