Well, hello Sunday!  … and time to share what makes me happy with all of you. Of course, I’ve been inspired by the lovely Leanne of Deep Fried Fruit.

You know what makes me really happy? Spending time with loved ones!

While I tend to spend a lot of time with my immediate family, I don’t get to see my lovely friends as often as I’d like to. My good friends are really important to me, and we have the ability to just pick up where we left off last time we were together and we have that instant reconnection. We talk, talk, talk, laugh till we cry and share our challenges. They can help bring me out of a funk and I do the same for them. They bring out the best in me!

In a few weeks time, I’m going off on a Girl’s Weekend with some of my closest girlfriends.

This year, we’re going to a lovely beachside town – it’s relatively small so it won’t be too crowded, but it also has some excellent restaurants and is only 15-20 minutes from a major tourist town for shopping and a more vibrant experience if we feel like it.  I think we’ll be doing more relaxing and just enjoying spending time together. We might get a pedicure, take some walks, have a swim if the water is warm. The most important things is that there will be plenty of good food, good wine and good company.

I’m really looking forward to it – can’t wait!

What makes you happy?

Joining in the Lovin’  Life LInky – thanks Leanne! 🙂

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