Several weeks ago on the blog, I mentioned to you that I’m reading a book called The Desire Map – A guide to creating goals with soul. Here’s a follow up to that post.

This easy-to-read book asserts that we’re more likely to achieve goals which are set with our Core Desired Feelings in mind. That is, when we set a goal, the outcome we seek is the actual feeling we achieve upon reaching that goal, rather than the achievement itself. I was intrigued with this concept, so I flew through the pages… until it came to the exercises, which required some contemplation.

After a great deal of soul searching and word wrangling, I’ve narrowed my Core Desired Feelings down to just 4 (you’re supposed to have 3-5, but I had a bit of trouble getting it down below 7!). Here goes…

As of July 2014, Lyndall’s Core Desired Feelings – I want to feel:





Of course, your list would be different to mine, depending on what’s most important to you. I suspect my CDF may have been different a year or two ago, and I’m darn sure they would have been completely different 20 years ago (the idea is to revise them every 6-12 months, along with your goals).

After you’ve identified your CDF, the book takes you through a reflection on each of the key areas of our lives – livelihood and lifestyle, body and wellness, creativity and learning, relationships and society, plus essence and spirituality. We were asked to think about (and write down) what we need to do, experience and have in order to feel our CDF in each of these key areas. The answers I wrote down have helped me to re-formulate my goals and vary my direction slightly. The reflection was fruitful!

I’m nearly finished reading the book and doing the exercises now – I only have about 30 pages to go. They are, of course, the hardest ones to get through… but I’m getting there.

From now on, every time I make a choice to do something in my life, I will ask myself – Will it make me feel … Connected? Inspired? Valued? Awesome?

How do you want to feel?

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