When I was a child, I dreamed of living in a place where it snowed in winter. I have to say, I’m pleased I didn’t fulfil that dream, as I don’t like being that cold all the time, but I do enjoy visiting the snowy areas. While winter is not my favourite season, there are some things I love about winter and the cooler months of the year.

Comfort food

My slow cooker is getting a great workout lately, providing hearty soups, curries and casseroles for the hungry family. It’s great to get dinner started earlier in the day and just set it to slow cook, then it’s ready to serve at dinner time. I really enjoy having homemade soup for lunch some days, and a rich pasta dish for dinner. Salad is rarely seen on our dinner table during the cooler months.

Warm tea

When I’m working at my desk, I find my hands sometimes get a little bit cold during the colder months. That’s when I pop the kettle on and make a nice warm cup of tea to wrap my hands around. I find tea so comforting and enjoyable when the weather is cold. I do drink tea in summer, but usually only one cup each day. During winter, I can drink up to 5-6 cups of tea each day #teaaddict #isthatbad

The doona

As we live in Far North of New South Wales, the temperature only gets down to single digits in the early morning. It was 9 degrees Celsius when I went out for a walk in the early hours of yesterday. I know this is relatively warm to a lot of people, but we’re not used to being cold around here.

Curling up under the doona and snuggling in for the night is one of life’s little pleasures, and I have to say it’s one of the big things I love about winter. Although I love living in a sub-tropical climate, trying to sleep through the sweaty nights of the summer months is a challenge indeed. Give me winter for a good night’s sleep any time.

Winter clothes

My winter “uniform” is jeans, boots and scarves (with a top too!). I have a ¾ length coat which I love wearing in the cooler weather too. Put together the right way, winter clothes can look so effortlessly dressy, don’t you think?

The winter sun

A lot of people from Victoria and southern New South Wales come to visit our beautiful area during winter to escape the ice and snow they experience in those areas. We have the “Cooly Rocks On” festival this week, with displays of vintage cars, rock n’ roll dancing and carnival rides. The warm days are a great drawcard for this event. With predicted temps of 16-21 degrees on Saturday, the main day of the event should be a corker!

While our house is cold in winter thanks to extensive tiling (keeps it cool in summer though), I love to go outside on a winter’s day and soak up a few minutes of beautiful sunshine. It’s just too hot (and sun-burny) for me to do this during summer. As I work from home, I enjoy the luxury of taking a break and going outside in the sun to play with our dog and thaw out a little.

The warmth of a fire

Each winter, we get together with our neighbours to have a “Fun by the Fire” gathering. We do have a fire pit and one of the neighbours is a firefighter, so we’ve got the safety aspects covered. We play some music, the kids roast marshmallows and the parents warm their toes at the fire as we sip a glass of red. Hope it’s not too cold at this year’s event in a few weeks’ time :).

Going to the beach

I know most people enjoy going to the beach during summer, but I also love going down in the winter months. There are generally less people around, which means a quieter walk along the sand – bliss.

Now that I’ve shared 7 things I love about winter, it’s your turn. Do you love or loathe winter? If you love it, what things do you enjoy at this time of year?

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