There are so many things I love about Spring! It’s my favourite season and I’m loving the splashes of colour and excitement at this special time of year.

Here are 9 things I love about Spring (although there are more!):

1. Flowers

Whether it’s the pretty purple Jacaranda blossoms, the sweet-scented rose, orchids, freesia or agapanthus,there are flowers galore in my neighbour’s gardens (not so many in mine!) and for sale in bunches at the moment… and who doesn’t love flowers? Any time of year, any type of flower (except carnations – they are my least favourite flower), I do love flowers and they always put a smile on my face.

Although we aren’t the greatest gardeners, our plants thrive on neglect and I currently have flowers on my Bird of Paradise plants and my Hydrangea – full credit to the plants for that!

2.  Fresh vegetables

As I’ve been embracing a more filling and healthy eating plan, I’m loving the range and variety of vegetables which are in season during spring, such as:asparagus, beetroot, carrots, chillies, spring onions, peas and baby spinach. Of course, a lot of these vegies are available year-round, but they taste soooo much better when they’re totally fresh and in season.

Whenever I can, I like to buy foods which are in season from local suppliers, as they’re often super fresh, taste better and usually cheaper.

3.  Warmer temperatures

Warmer days and nights have been with us for several weeks now. We’re very fortunate to live in an area where there aren’t too many extremes in weather. This week, the maximum temperature is around 25-26 most days, with 29 predicted for Saturday #PoolParty. The evenings are much warmer too. It may even be time to put the doona into storage!

4.  Lighter clothing

My jeans and boots have officially been put away until next winter. During the cooler months, I just love wearing jeans and boots, but now the days are definitely getting warmer, the boots (and soon the jeans too), have been retired in favour of lighter clothing and shoes. During Spring & Summer, I prefer pretty spring dresses in light and breezy fabrics, and shorts and t-shirts are great for days when you’re just hanging around the house or working from home. However, I do like to buy a new outfit or two in Spring, and I do really need some new sandals. I think I feel a shopping day coming on! 🙂

5.  Dining alfresco

With the warmer weather, we can now dust off our outdoor setting and enjoy dining in the outdoor area again. We don’t do this as often as we should, but at least now we have the option to sit outside without getting too cold as evening descends.

6.  Carnivals and fairs

There’s a spate of school fairs, new markets, art shows, fundraising carnivals and lots of fun outings during Spring. A lot of us have been hibernate during winter, so now it’s time to come out and enjoy the sunshine while also having a bit of fun with the kids and family members.

7.  Rejuvenation

I love the all-round feeling of “Spring is in the air!” and the promise of growth, fresh thinking and generally positive vibes. The leaves are back on the trees, the grass is greener and everything just feels lighter and fresher. I usually spring clean the house too, doing jobs which can easily get put off at other times of the year. I feel better once it’s done.

8.  Beach walks

Although we do walk on the beach during winter, it’s much more enjoyable now that the weather is warming up. We’re more inclined to walk along the water’s edge and get out feet wet too.

9.  Longer days

As many of you know, I’ve been enjoying getting up to watch the sunrise each morning for quite some time. I post sunrise photos on my Facebook page. During Spring, the timing of sunrise is just right to fit into my schedule in between my walk and having to get ready for the rest of the day.

While Summer is lovely, it can sometimes be a little too hot and humid where we live. I do feel a special affinity with Spring, in case you hadn’t guess. This is why I’ve shared the things I love about Spring with you today. I’d love it if you let me know what you love about Spring. Tell me your favourite thing in the comments below.

If you don’t love Spring, what’s your favourite season?

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