Well, today marks the end of June, and we’re halfway through the year – eek! Where does the time go?

That being said, I thought today would be ideal to Take Stock and reflect on what’s been happening so far in 2015. Taking Stock is the brainchild of the lovely Pip Lincolne from Meet Me At Mike’s. You can pop over to her site to pick up a template if you’d like to Take Stock too.

Making Blondies – vanilla version of brownies
Cooking Slow cooked meals (with mashed potato – yum)
Drinking  Red wine, but not after today – doing Dry July … wish me luck!
Reading Italian Joy by Carla Coulson
Wanting My daughter to enjoy her diving trip to Vanuatu – and return home safely
Looking forward to catching up with some lovely friends in the next week
Playing ball with our gorgeous dog – someone has to!
Deciding whether to take the dog to the beach this arvo
Wishing I hadn’t eaten that last chocolate bar
Enjoying a little quiet time
Waiting for an email from a client
Liking the sunshine after rain
Wondering whether I should cook the salmon or the chicken for dinner
Loving finding time to write more
Considering joining a weekly business networking group
Buying a new top for a meeting tomorrow
Watching – not much, most of my faves have finished for the season 🙁
  for some type of bailout for Greece
Marvelling at my children’s ability to make mess
Cringing at the thought of EOFY paperwork
Needing a walk on the beach with the dog – we both love it
Questioning why we can’t all live peacefully in the world
Smelling my iKou De-Stress candle – it’s just divine
Wearing my fave jeans and boots – love winter clothes
Following lots of lovely new bloggers thanks to the upcoming ProBlogger conference
Noticing so many birds tweeting today
Knowing we are halfway through the year – scary!
Thinking I need to get some more exercise
Admiring great visual merchandising in shop windows – it always looks so perfect
Sorting EOFY paperwork
Getting tired – I was up VERY early this morning for the trip to the airport
Coveting having time at home alone
Disliking that people don’t get back to you
Opening my children’s school reports
Giggling at the dog’s attempts to eat a fly
Feeling a little overweight from eating too much chocolate
Snacking – need to stop it. See above!
Helping my daughter get ready for her first overseas trip without the family was lots of fun, if not a little daunting. I had to hold back a tear or two when I said goodbye at the airport. She’ll be fine …
Hearing a plane overhead – wonder if it’s her flight? 🙂

Let me know in the comments if you’re Taking Stock too.  Blessings to you.