The Swell Sculpture Festival has become an extremely popular event on the Gold Coast calendar, one which we attend each year. A range of 60 sculptures from both Australian and international artists can be found dotted along the sands and shore of beautiful Currumbin Beach on the Southern Gold Coast. Since its inception in 2002, the 10-day festival has grown to attract around 250,000 people who come along toย admire the ingenuity of the sculptors.

Having experienced large crowds on previous visits, this year I thought I’d get up at 5am and go to the festival so that I could get some clear shots of the sculptures, and try to capture some of them with the sunrise behind them. When I got out of the car, I discovered a problem with the memory card in my camera – grrrr! ย So all these photos were taken on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Some of the sculptures were very creative, some were a little bizarre, and there was one which didn’t even make it to be exhibited, but some crafty locals got creative on the artist’s behalf. Check it out ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy the tour!

Swell, Seize The Day Project

This is the first sculpture I saw – still alight from last night

Swell 4

Even at sunrise, there was competition for the best angle and light

Swell 2

Giant timber spectacles

Swell 3

This sculpture was quite clever – it’s a series of elements which show a face when viewed from the front – obviously!

Swell 5

This chain mesh dragon was very well done, and I love the lights in his eyes

Swell 8

Not really sure what this one was meant to be?

Swell 10

This guy was in a group of giant bugs

Swell 19

This lovely bronze lady has permanent residence on aย bench at Currumbin Beach. She was part of an earlier Swell exhibition and liked it, so she stayed. Good choice!

Swell 18

A trio of rings with tinkling bells

Swell 17

“Tide lines” sculpture with sunrise

Swell 15

“Tide Line” sculpture

Swell 14

This giant MUM sign was lit up at night

Swell 13

The sculptures all have signs asking not to climb on them, but this one has toddler plaything written all over it, don’t you think?

Swell 12

Boy with a torpedo on his back

Swell 11

Giant inflatable sea creature

Swell 24

Sunrise over a mechanical sculpture

Swell 25

OK, I can see a great deal of work went into this one, but I don’t get it

Swell 26

This one looked like an old fashioned box brownie camera

Swell 28

Lots of work in this timber city atop a shipwreck

Swell 29

Where else would you put a Hills hoist full of towels? Sculpture??

Swell 31

Circular sculpture with Gold Coast skyline behind

Swell 32

Love this one – titled Budgie Smuggler

Swell 33

Hmmm… this one was called Death Cult

Swell 34

More photographers – everyone was trying to capture the beautiful early morning light

Swell 47

A giant rusty ball of chains

Swell 46

Currumbin Vikings Surf Club with Elephant Rock behind it, and the Coolangatta skyline in the distance

Swell 45

“Rock Stars”

Swell 44

“See Life” representing a whale emerging from the ocean. I missed this one when it was lit, but I believe it features a high-tech light display at night.

Swell 40

This one was a series of boxes with graffiti on them, titled #TheWall2015

Swell 41

Detail of the sculpture above – the graffiti artist?

Swell 39

“King Coal”

Swell 36

“Sea Tunnel” with Currumbin Alley and Gold Coast skyline behind

Swell 35

This one was titled “Lost and Found”. Very clever to be able to get the rope to stay in this elevated position.

Seize The Day Project

I had a little giggle at this one – love the creativity of the locals who replaced the empty space with some flotsam and jetsam


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