Exercising your mind can help with seeing a different perspective.

We’re all creatures of habit, aren’t we? When was the last time you changed a habit or did something the opposite way? Even looking the opposite way can provide you with a whole new perspective on a situation.

While most of us stop learning once we’ve finished high school, university or career training, those who pursue lifelong learning often enjoy a wider variety of pursuits and interests, which often make life more rewarding.

If you haven’t learnt anything new for a while, one way to reignite your brain is to change from using your dominant hand to the other hand. This can increase your brain power as it helps strengthen existing neural pathways and create new ones because you’re doing something new. Try brushing your hair or your teeth with the opposite hand, then try using the trackpad or mouse on your computer with it too. How did you go?

This week, I’ve been thinking about how many habits I’ve fallen into. In the mornings, I walk most mornings, either at the beach or down to the river near where I live. When I walk to the river, I use a circuit and always walk in an anti-clockwise direction. The other day, I walked in the opposite direction, and I was surprised at the different perspective it gave me.

Seeing a different perspective by looking the other way

Seeing a different perspective, seize the day project

Soft, subtle colours in the pretty reflected morning light. Taken from the beach at Rainbow Bay, Qld.

Yesterday, I walked down at the beach and was searching for a subject to photograph for my daily Facebook photo. Because I’m used to photographing the sunrise (I’m slightly obsessed in case you hadn’t noticed!), I’m always looking in an easterly direction in the mornings. I had been standing on the edge of the beach at Rainbow Bay, looking at the structure being set up for the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro at Snapper Rocks, but couldn’t get an angle where the sunrise was behind it. When I turned in the opposite direction to walk further along the beach, I saw the prettiest reflected light in the sky. I would have missed this entirely if I hadn’t turned around. Looking in the opposite direction can offer an entirely different view – and what a pretty view it is! 🙂

Seeing a different perspective – Another’s point of view

On another recent morning walk, the skies were dark and grey, so there was no sunrise to photograph. My walking partner and I looked around for something else to photograph and noticed some of the love locks which people attach to the rails at Point Danger, a popular lookout right on the border of New South Wales and Queensland. I took one shot but it was dark and uninteresting. My friend and walking partner said, “Why don’t you use the flash?” What a brilliant idea! She’s a genius, who has obviously been exercising her mind! :). I don’t usually use my camera flash – I’m so used to taking shots with natural light. Have a look at the difference in the two photos here. Sometimes others can offer an alternative option that we hadn’t considered! 🙂

Seeing a different perspective, seize the day project

Image without flash on left, image with flash on right

Just like our bodies, if we want to keep our minds active, we need to exercise them and keep learning throughout our lives. It does us good to do things differently from time to time. That’s my lesson for the week. How about you?

It’s incredible how little changes can help with seeing a different perspective. When did you last exercise your mind?

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