We all have some form of daily routine in our lives. We are creatures of habit after all.

Many of us have at least a morning routine which helps us get out the door to school, work or wherever we need to be. A good morning routine can set you up for the entire day.

Babies benefit from a regular routine from early on, and as Mums, we are encouraged to follow the Eat-Play-Sleep routine to ensure our little ones are more settled and to give them a sense of security.

Some of us find having a day-to-day routine comforting, while others feel confined by it and want to break out of routine as often as possible. Those who love to travel may well feel restricted by having a regular routine when they return home. I find myself getting bogged down by the normality and tedium of the everyday, yet by the time I’ve been away from home for a while, I start to crave the predictable, same-sameness of those very habits and rituals.

Things I love about routine:

  • You know what you have to do

When you have a routine in place, it takes less time to get things done, as you simply follow the plan or sequence that you’ve previously followed, often without even thinking about it.

  • You achieve more

Outcomes are easier to achieve when there’s a plan of action. If you’re trying to lose weight, for example, it’s very easy to veer off course unless you following some type of eating plan.

  • They can make us more efficient

If getting things done, being on time for business or social outings, or ensuring you meet your work deadlines is important, having a routine can certainly help in completing tasks and achieving these outcomes.

  • Help us save time

Time is something we all want to make the most of, and having a routine is a great way to save time.

  • It reduces our need to think ahead

A routine saves us from having to think about what to do next. If it’s something we do every day, every week or even every month, we have the process down pat and we can just get on with it, rather than having to think it through before or during the process.

Things I don’t love about routine:

  • It can become boring

Doing the same things day in, day out, can be a drag. In fact, it can even put us in a bit of a rut if we’re not careful.

  • It can make us fearful of change

 Having a long-held routine we follow can provide a sense of security, however, when we need to change that routine or do something completely outside of it, we are sometimes fearful.

  • It can kill our creativity and spontaneity

When we follow the same routine and do the same things all the time, it can stifle our creativity and cause us to become less spontaneous. Routine certainly has its place, but if we want to shake things up, we may need to cast aside the predictable everyday schedule in favour of a little bit of creativity and spontaneity.

The secret to success: Finding the middle ground

Breaking out of routine and getting away for a few days can be fabulous. However, there’s also some comfort in returning home and feeling that comfortable sense of security that comes with knowing or feeling you have some kind of control over what will happen when.

Sometimes I love routine and other times I loathe it. Finding the happy medium between having an effective routine and sometimes breaking out of it is the key.

Do you love routine – or prefer to break out of it? What are your tips for maintaining a balance in your lifestyle?

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