Back in May this year, I received an invitation to attend the 2013 ProBlogger Training Event. Some of Australia’s top bloggers will be presenting, sharing their knowledge and experience. How good is that! The event is being held on the Gold Coast this year, close to where I live. I got all excited and registered. After all, there’s a lot more I can learn about blogging … and I love meeting new people, being inspired and having fun.

The conference is now just a couple of days away, and as I sit here chewing my nails, I’m wondering what on earth possessed me to sign up to go to a blogging event. What was I thinking?

This is REALLY stepping outside my comfort zone. After all, I’m not a real blogger – am I??

…and I don’t think I know anybody else who’s going, I’m going to be completely on my own amongst a crowd of 450 bloggers! Meeting new people can be fun but its often awkward and uncomfortable – I only like it when they’re nice! 🙂

… and I really don’t know what to wear. The event info said to dress “comfortably” – clearly an instruction not issued by a female! The challenge is figuring out how to dress comfortably without looking like a slob.

OK STOP! I give a clear instruction to the negative committee that meets inside my head to sit down and shut up! This is going to be fun, lots of fun… and inspiring too.

Then I start reading some of the blog posts written by other nervous attendees and it seems as though most of us are feeling the same way – phew! Maybe the new people I meet will be nice after all.

This got me thinking – how do YOU feel when you step outside your comfort zone? When was the last time you did something that made you feel quite uncomfortable? How did it turn out – good or not so good? I’d love to hear your stories – please comment in the box below.

Oh, and I promise to report back to you on my adventures at the ProBlogger conference. I love to share what I learn. Wish me luck! 🙂