Did you know, one-third of all food produced is lost or wasted? That’s 1.3 billion tonnes!

$20 billion worth of food goes to waste each year in Australia, that’s equivalent to 4 million tonnes. Nearly half of this is generated by households … WOW!!

OzHarvest, food rescue, Seize the day project, Sunrise calendar

Last Monday, I was invited to go along to the Think.Eat.Save presentation by OzHarvest at The Kitchens in Robina. This program has been designed to highlight the alarming amount of food waste across the globe, and to show Australians some of the simple ways we can reduce food waste at home. The presentation included cooking demonstrations, educational sessions for school children and adults, and the opportunity to learn more about this important issue.

OzHarvest, food rescue, Seize the day project, sunrise calendar

With Lee Danahay, Gold Coast Manager for OzHarvest

About OzHarvest

OzHarvest is an Australian charity. Their vision is a world where there is zero food waste and people are free from hunger.

The organisation was founded by Ronni Kahn in 2004, when she noticed the huge amount of good food going to waste in the events industry. Ronni started out with one van in Sydney, delivering around 4000 meals in the first month. The organisation has since delivered more than 65 million meals to people in need across Australia! That’s pretty awesome stuff!

You may be surprised to learn that over 2 million Australians rely on food relief each year. One-third of these recipients are children. There’s definitely a need for this amazing service in our community. Not all OzHarvest recipients are homeless. Many simply can’t stretch their very limited budgets far enough to feed their children or themselves nutritious food. I find this very sad when we live in such an affluent country.

OzHarvest collects good food from restaurants, cafes, catering companies, butchers, bakers and other businesses in their distinctive yellow vans. This food is then distributed to a range of charities, churches, schools and community groups, who in turn distribute food packages or meals to help those less fortunate. The food donations help these charities focus their limited resources on other areas of need. These include education, health care, rehabilitation and other areas of support.

The four pillars of OzHarvest are: Food Rescue, Educate, Engage and Innovate.

Now with operations in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and regional communities across the country, OzHarvest is certainly making a difference.

The Gold Coast operation has two vans on the road. Assisted by an army of volunteers, OzHarvest collects around 5 tonnes of food each week, distributing it to approximately 60 charities across the Coast.

OzHarvest, food rescue, Seize the day project, sunrise calendar

Every dollar donated to OzHarvest provides two meals to people in need.

I’m excited and proud to announce that I have agreed to support OzHarvest in my own small way. $5 from every 2018 Seize the Day Project Calendar sold will be donated to OzHarvest. I’m planning on printing 100 calendars, which will produce $500 for OzHarvest, which means 1000 meals!

The calendar, which features sunrise photos from my Facebook and Instagram posts, isn’t on sale just yet. When the calendars become available in October, I’d really appreciate your support in spreading the word. Together, we can be sure OzHarvest receives as much assistance as possible. If I sell all 100 calendars quickly, I’ll print more so that we can raise more money!

This is my small way of giving something back to the community.

There’s so much more to OzHarvest. I promise I’ll fill you in some more over the coming months.

OzHarvest, food rescue, Seize the day project, sunrise calendar

What do you do to reduce food waste in your household?  Please leave your feedback in the comments box below. Grazie!

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