At the prompt of the lovely Kirsty from My Home Truths, I’m writing today about my most recent “Aha! moment”.

Those of us who are in business, and many people who aren’t, will know that in order to succeed in business, you need to put consider able effort into marketing your products and services.

Being a part of the marketing industry, I know this as much as anyone. Yet when it came to my own business, I knew I wasn’t spending enough time on business development.

Up until recently, my time and energy was split between working a casual job, working part-time in my business and running a busy household, complete with teenagers with busy social lives and one teen who has a job which requires Mum’s taxi on call – phew!

In July last year, one piece of the puzzle was removed when my casual job disappeared with the sale of the business. I must admit, I was pretty worried at the time.

The main reason I took on the casual job was to fund my trip to Italy, but it also became my safety net, with the extra income helping to pay the bills.  The downside was that, being the dedicated employee that I am, I put a lot of energy into my job and into their business, to the detriment of my own business. While it was scary to lose the job, it was also a massive opportunity for me to now focus my attention and energy on The Professional Writer.

Over the past nine months, I’ve made a conscious effort to spend less time doing things that aren’t good for me or that don’t help me move forward, including cutting back on the socialising – that’s been challenging, yet necessary.

Some of the other things I’ve done are:

  • Drafted and implemented a proper business plan
  • Focused on business development, including social media & face-to-face networking
  • Upgraded my website
  • Spent more time blogging (with more to be spent)
  • Talked about my business in a positive way, emphasising that I’m now full time because I’m busy
  • Had more time to serve my clients in a more efficient and productive way
  • Just had my best month ever!!

I’ll now continue to work ON my business, not just IN my business! I still have a long road ahead, but I now feel as though I can definitely succeed.

My Aha! moment was when I added up my figures for February and realised that I’ve had the biggest month so far. It’s true what Anthony Robbins says, “Where focus goes, energy flows”. Actually, maybe it should be called my “Duh!” moment, as I’ve known this for a long time, I just haven’t been practicing it!! 

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