Those of you who know me personally or follow me on social media will be well aware of my morning walk obsession. Yes, I’m one of those crazy people who gets up early each day to get out and exercise. I’m not as energetic as some of the people I see doing boot camp, but walking helps me to relax and focus on the beauty all around me. It also helps me practice gratitude for the gorgeous place we live in.

Particularly at this time of year, the quiet time certainly helps keep my sanity!

Today, I present a small selection of my morning photos. Believe it or not, the scene is different every day. The clouds throw shadows and light. Sometimes the sun makes an appearance,while other times the dark clouds boycott its debut for the day.

With the recent release of my Seize The Day Project Sunrise Calendar, I’ve had several people ask me how I take such great morning photos. The key ingredient is simple – show up! Getting out of bed is often the hardest part, the rest is up to nature!! … Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


Sunrise, Seize the day project

Froggy’s beach near Coolangatta

Same beach, different day ….

Sunrise, Seize the day project

Froggy’s Beach near Coolangatta

Different local beach …

Sunrise, Seize the day Project

Kirra Beach

The Tweed River is a favourite place to visit

Sunrise, Seize the day project

Jetty on the Tweed River

… and it’s different each day too!

Jetty, Sunrise, Tweed River, Seize the Day Project

Tweed River Jetty

This sky was incredible, but the cloud burnt off quickly when the sun came up and it was gone within a couple of minutes

Jetty, Tweed River, Sunrise, Seize the day project

Vibrant sky and a different jetty on the Tweed River

Sometimes I see a pelican or two fishing for their breakfast

Sunrise, Seize the day project

Clouds change the scenery

And if there’s not much happening in the sky, I often find something else to appreciate.

Seize the day project

Flower on the rivershore

Oysters, Seize the day project

Cluster of oyster shells

That’s what I’m lovin’ about life this week. How about you?

Seize the day project, happy birthday, happy to bel alive, lovin life linky

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