I love owning a dog. We have a Golden Retriever called Remy. She’s a bit nutty, but very lovable. Our dog is definitely a member of our family. Call us crazy, but we talk to her and include her in as many activities as we can.

Our son wanted a dog from the moment he encountered one. As soon as he could talk, he wanted stuffed dogs, stories about dogs, movies about dogs … anything to do with dogs. We couldn’t have our own dog at the time, as we lived on a busy road and our fence wasn’t adequate. After moving house and doing some renovations, including a new fence, we were able to get our beloved pooch. Our son still has a close relationship with Remy.

Why I love owning a dog …


As I work from home, I find it comforting to have Remy’s company during the day. She’s an outside dog (not keen on being inside at all – perhaps due to her puppy life on a farm), so she often comes up to the window to check on me. She reminds me I need to get up and go outside to give her a pat and have a break from the computer for a few minutes. With just one look from those big brown eyes, she can melt our hearts and convince us that she needs to be fed (show LOVES food!).

Why I love being a dog owner, owning a dog, companionship, exercise, seize the day project, love owning a dog

First pic of our new pup with the kids


Each morning, as soon as I open the door, Remy is waiting either on the doormat or on her bed. She always greets me with a wag of the tail and waits for a pat. She loves her morning walk – sometimes it’s short and other days, it’s a longer walk. Either way, she gives me a great reminder to get out and do some exercise on a daily basis. On weekends, we sometimes take her to the river or the beach, which she loves too.

Love being a dog owner, owning a dog, exercise, wellness, seize the day project

She loves going to the beach and we often visit Fingal Head, where there’s an old lighthouse

Meeting people

Because Remy is very friendly, she wants to say hello to almost everyone we meet, including other dogs. I’ve met quite a few people who live in our local area thanks to her, whether they’re dog owners or not. I met one of my very good friends through our dogs many years ago. Most dogs are so very social… although there are definitely exceptions to this!

Why I love being a dog owner, owning a dog, companionship, exercise, seize the day project

She even loves us when we get her coat clipped!

Lower stress levels

When things get stressful, it helps to go and sit or play with her for a while, just to take my mind off things. Of course, she loves to go to the beach too, which is a great stress reliever.

Remy does some pretty funny things sometimes, which make us all laugh. Having a good laugh is great for your health too! 🙂

According to research, owning a dog can reduce stress hormones and have a positive effect on the owner’s mood. Studies also show that petting a dog can lower a person’s heart rate, meaning dog owners often have healthier hearts.

Why I love being a dog owner, owning a dog, companionship, exercise, seize the day project, love owning a dog

She’s not overly happy about birthday hats – but then, who is?


Remy is a great watch dog. If anyone comes to our front gate, she barks to let us know a stranger is there. She knows quite a few of our friends now, so they can sometimes get into the yard without being barked at. Of course, the electricity meter reader, postman and delivery drivers always get a loud bark. It makes me feel safer to have her around, especially at night. Although she’s a bit of a softy, she’ll always bark if anything unusual is happening.

These are just a few of the reasons why I love owning a dog. I’m so grateful for our gorgeous girl. She’s great company for me and a much-loved member of our family. We wouldn’t want to be without her.

Why I love being a dog owner, owning a dog, companionship, exercise, seize the day project, love owning a dog

Our young pup. Don’t let that innocent look fool you! 🙂

Do you have a dog? Do you love being a dog owner? What’s the best thing about it, in your opionin?

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