Today is my birthday – yay me! I’m happy to be alive and ready to embrace another year … whatever it brings.

Do you love or loathe your birthday?

It’s funny how some people love their birthdays while others cringe at being “another year older”. A few friends have celebrated milestone birthdays over this past year and it’s been interesting to watch the range of reactions to turning 40, 50 or 60. While most people just roll with their next year, there are others who struggle to embrace their advancing age. Unfortunately, we all get older – it’s a fact of life.

Now, I’m not saying I don’t dye my grey hairs or apply eye cream to my crow’s feet, I’m just saying that when it comes to age, I am what I am – wrinkles and all. At least I’m still here to celebrate another year :).

Here are a few reasons why I’m happy to be alive and grateful to be celebrating another birthday:

My heart still beats

I’ve lost a few friends and family members – people who were “too young” and who, by all rights, should still be with us. We never know what twists and turns there are in life and old age is a privilege some never get to experience. It’s a sobering thought but one which I remind myself of when life gets tough.

I’ve now lost both my parents, which is quite sad, and makes the prospect of dying (one day) all the more real – none of us is immortal. I guess that makes me I’m an orphan. It feels kinda weird and makes me feel a bit older. This is my first birthday without my Mum and her early morning phone call to wish me a happy birthday :(.

I’m still here, doing my best to enjoy the little things and embrace life’s challenges.

I enjoy good health

While my parents have sadly passed away, our immediate family is healthy. We are thankful every day for our good health because we’ve seen the devastating effects of poor health.

I’ve got friends with sick children, which is a constant source of worry, concern and the great unknown. I really feel for those parents and children who are often robbed of their childhood or adolescence due to illness.

We have a roof over our heads

Our family is fortunate to live in a lovely quiet street, surrounded by (mostly) great neighbours. We have a roomy home where everyone has their own space – even the dog! This is definitely a bonus with teenagers!! 🙂

We live in a beautiful part of the world

While our region sometimes gets a bad rap, I love living in the Tweed area. The Tweed Valley is an area of extreme natural beauty, with a range of stunning beaches, the gorgeous winding river and dozens of creeks, unspoilt bushland and National Parks and we even have our own mountain – Mount Warning. There’s so much to explore, discover and appreciate in this area. The people are pretty friendly too.

I have everything I need, really

While most of us aspire to have something we haven’t got, when it comes down to it, we actually have everything we need … and more.

Although my life is far from perfect, I definitely have everything necessary to live my life in a happy, healthy environment. So I’m another year old, who cares? While I won’t be having a big party or celebrating in a huge way, I’m sure I’ll enjoy my day as I know I’m truly blessed, very grateful, and more than happy to be alive. Happy Birthday to me!

Do you love or loathe your birthday?


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