A long time ago, I left behind my country town upbringing and moved to the big smoke, where I landed a job and met a handsome stranger. After a few years, we moved to our sunny place, married and had two children.

We regularly revisit the country town, mostly because my brother still lives there. We’ve just been back for another visit. My family have lived in this town for six generations, so there’s a strong connection and a sense of place for me – although I only lived there for 12 years. I made many good friends during my school years, most of whom remain friends today.

It’s kinda strange going back to where you came from. Some things are the same, but most things aren’t. One thing that stays the same in my old home town (thankfully), are the lovely old buildings.

Let me know if you can guess which country town this is? Hint: it’s in New South Wales. I’ll let the pictures tell the story …. and the answer is at the bottom of the post! 🙂

Arcola sml

“Arcola” – one of the many well preserved old homes in town.

Art Gallery sml

The regional art gallery, circa 1880

Bridge sml

The shot of the bridge may give away the town’s identity…

Seize the day project, Grafton

Christ Church Cathedral. A town cannot become a city without a Cathedral. This one was built in 1884.

Clock tower 2 smal

The Clock Tower at the centre of town

Court house sml

Historic Court House

Figtree ave sml

Fig Tree Avenue

Seize the day project. Figtree Avenue, Grafton

I love this Fig tree

Old pub sml

This building used to be a pub many years ago, and was owned by my great great grandfather

Post office sml

Historic Post Office

Saraton theatre sml

This old movie theatre has been renovated and re-opened, which is great. It was closed for many years, replaced by a now defunct drive-in theatre. Funny how things go round in circles!

Sheriffs office sml 2

This is the original courthouse which was built in 1862 – it had to be expanded to the building next door in 1977 (too many criminals?!). The site originally housed the police station, which was established in 1847.

Seize the day project, Grafton

Back of the old Sheriff’s office

Seize the day project, Grafton Jail

And this is where a lot of the criminals ended up. The gaol dates from 1893.

Seize the day project. Grafton, Carrs Creek School

Carrs Creek Schoolmaster’s house

Seize the day project. Carrs Creek school

Carrr’s Creek School – Circa 1882

Seize the day project, School of arts, Carrs Creek

Carrs Creek School of Arts

Sunset 2 sml

Nothing like a country sunset

Yellow roses dark sml

My Dad’s beautiful yellow bush roses, still going strong 🙂

So, do you know which country town, or rather city, this is? I’ll give you another clue – in late October, everything will be purple for the annual Jacaranda festival! Have you guessed it yet? Yes, it’s Grafton in Northern New South Wales 🙂  While you’re down here, please leave a comment below.

Do you still live where you grew up? Have you moved away and you still go back – or would you never want to return?

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