Hi! Today I’m posting a few photos of something that makes me happy … flowers! My Dad was a very keen gardener and he instilled in me a love of plants and flowers. Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit his green thumb (my gardening skills are somewhat limited), but I do appreciate beautiful flowers of almost every kind. Carnations are the one exception. I’m not sure why, but I just don’t like them (sorry carnations!).

It’s amazing how a simple bunch of flowers can lift my spirits. A homegrown bunch is best, but if I can’t persuade a gardener to part with their treasures, I’m happy to buy them from the florist too.

The following photos were taken at Tamborine Mountain. While visiting for the weekend, I purchased a beautiful bunch of dahlias for just $10. They were grown on the mountain. The photos were shot in the late afternoon using natural light at the cottage where we were staying. I was practicing with my new macro lens … practice may eventually make perfect! I hope you enjoy flowers too.

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The whole bunch of dahlias in low light. I think this looks more like an old painting than a photo, don’t you?


Seize the day project

A closer shot of the dahlias


Seize the day project

Closer still, with brighter light


Seize the day project

Side view

Seize the day project

Close up of a different dahlia


Seize the day project

…and a gorgeous Ginger flower I found in the back yard. Isn’t the colour exquisite?



This post was inspired by the new Lovin’ LIfe Linky hosted by Leanne from Deep Fried Fruit… Coming at you every Sunday with posts about the things we love in life, and whatever makes us happy. Pop over and have a read of the articles – enjoy! 🙂

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Do you love flowers too? Or is there something else simple which lifts your spirits? Tell me about it below …