Things have been rather crazy around here lately – between running a business full-time, working as a coach for Weight Watchers, joining a new business networking group, managing a household and chasing after teenagers (and a dog)…. I’m exhausted! To be honest, I’m really looking forward to having a few days off over Easter, as I take some time to chill out. We’ll be staying around home, which is just fine with me.

While relaxation is important, I’m not a big fan of lying around doing nothing. I could possibly manage it for one day, but then I usually start to go nuts without something constructive to do. So I started to think about some of the things I haven’t really had time for lately … and made a bit of a “To Do List” for the long weekend. The only problem is, my list is so long, I think I need to extend my chill out time – or find a way to make sure I actually get some chill out time EVERY weekend.

Following are some of the ways I plan to chill out:

  • Just stop being crazy busy for a few days
  • Catch up on some movies and Netflix series (although sitting ALL day watching TV is unlikely)
  • Clean out my wardrobe and give some unnecessary items to charity
  • Organise my study/office – it’s been driving me crazy for weeks (make that, months!)
  • Do some reading – my reading pile is so high, it’s about to topple over!
  • Light the beautiful scented candles I received for my birthday
  • Play a board game with the kids
  • Sit down and enjoy a cup of tea, instead of drinking it while I work
  • Cook up some healthy foods
  • Go on a family picnic with my sister-in-law who we haven’t seen in a while
  • Go walking with a friend and catch up with all her news along the way
  • Get some sleep and maybe even take an after lunch nap
  • Do more research on destinations in Ireland, England & Italy for our overseas trip next year – planning is half the fun
  • Have a swim – It may be my last chance for this season, as the weather will soon cool down
  • Have some downtime away from the computer and social media
  • Laugh more – Find funny movies and TV shows
  • Maybe I’ll even find time to visit the beach

I’ll make a start on the list this weekend, but I’m pretty sure I won’t get it all done in four days. At least the intention is there!

What are you up to over the Easter break? Are you enjoying some time to chill out at home or venturing away?

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