Ever since I visited Switzerland for a few days about 30 years ago, I’ve been itching to return. So when we were planning our trip to Italy, including four nights at Lake Como, I was determined to work in at least a day trip to this snow-capped wonder. After doing some research, I realised it was going to be a bit of a battle to get ourselves into Switzerland and back using public transport (due to the train schedules) and it would be a very long day indeed.

I managed to find a travel company called Il Porticciolo Viaggi, which is based in Menaggio and offers day trips, including one to Switzerland with a section on the Bernina Express. We booked it!

Varenna ferry, Lake Como, Seize the day project

The Varenna to Menaggio ferry

On the last full day of our Italy trip, we woke to cloudy skies and light rain. Undeterred by the weather, we went down to the ferry dock and boarded the car ferry bound for Menaggio, where our group trip to St Moritz was due to leave at 8.00am.

We left too early for the breakfast at the hotel, so fruit, a biscuit and a cup of tea had to suffice.

We were greeted in Menaggio by our guide for the day, Julia, a British ex-pat 1960’s fanatic, complete with mini skirt, knee-high white boots and bouffant hair style! She directed us to where we could board the mini bus for the journey. We joined a group of 17 people, which was a good number. Julia provided just the right amount of commentary throughout the trip.

Lake Como, Seize the day project

We drove through small villages and onto the countryside at the north of Lake Como, noticing the large number of hillside vineyards along the way. Wine is so popular and important in Italy, there are vineyards everywhere, but apparently the grapes from this area are something special, and so is their wine.

Italian vineyards, Lake Como, Seize the day project

Vineyards stretching up the mountain

Lake Como, Seize the day project

Northern section of Lake Como

We then arrived in Tirano, a town at the base of the swiss Alps, where we enjoyed morning tea and a wander around the town.

We then crossed the Swiss border (they didn’t even check our passports!) and headed up into the Alps to the small town of Poschiavo. After a brief look at the village, we boarded the Bernina Express train which took us from Poschiavo to Diavolezza.

Bernina Express, Seize the day project

Bernina Express train at Poschiavo station

Swiss 6

Swiss 7

Swiss 5The Bernina Express is one of the most spectacular ways to cross the Swiss Alps. The distinctive red train snakes its way through valleys of incredible beauty, past pretty villages, frozen rivers and icy glaciers, through tunnels, across multiple bridges, all the while moving slowly up steep mountain slopes.

Bernina express, Seize the day project

Map of the Bernina Express routes through the Swiss Alps

Swiss tunnel

One of the iconic viaducts on the Bernina Express line

Swiss valley

Leaving Poschiavo

Swiss 9

Swiss 11

Bernina express, Seize the day project

Swiss 10

Swiss 13
Swiss 15

Swiss 16

Swiss 17

Swiss 18

Swiss chalet by lake

Swiss river

Swiss station snow

Bernina express, Seize the day project

A wall of snow beside the station

The train itself and the stations were spotlessly clean and ran precisely on time. We chuckled about how the Australian trains could take a leaf out of the Bernina book!

On arrival at Diavolezza, we left the train to encounter light snow, which was a bit of a thrill for us, as we rarely see the white stuff falling. We were there at the end of April (two months into Spring), so it was rather unexpected.

Seize the day project

We re-boarded the mini bus, which took us the rest of the way up to St Moritz.

Sign at the entrance to St Moritz

St Moritz, Seize the day project

Lake view St Moritz

St Moritz, Seize the day project

Lake view St Moritz

Once up in the iconic ski resort of St. Moritz, we visited a restaurant called Hauser, where we enjoyed a lunch of pearl barley soup and shared one potato rosti, both of which were delicious.

St Moritz, lunch, Seize the day project

At around $70 AUD, it was the most expensive lunch we had during our trip – I think we paid extra due to only having Euro currency, rather than Swiss francs. We couldn’t really argue about the price, we just had to pay!

Afterwards, we took a walk, but most of the shops were closed as was the off-season. Naturally, we were devastated to not be able to visit Jimmy Choo, Chopard, Rolex and Louis Vuitton!!

St Moritz, Seize the day project

Looking up to St Moritz village from below

St Mortiz street, Seize the day project

Street view, St Moritz

St Moritz, Seize the day project

The Chopard store – closed, what a shame!

We bought a couple of relatively inexpensive souvenirs and went to take a couple of photos of the town and lake before meeting the group at the bus.

St Moritz, Seize the day project

Frozen lake as we left St Moritz

Considering the grey skies that morning, the weather was actually good to us, with it clearing enough so that we could see the views of the mountains, lakes and snow. After lunch, it started to sleet and rain, which continued all the way home.

We had to negotiate some very hairy roads on the way back, including a steep section with switchback sections.

Seize the day project

Apologies for the blurry photo. This is taken through the bus window, hence the water on the glass. Shows a small section of the swtichbacks.

We were pleased to have a very experienced and competent bus driver to get us down the mountain safely.

We arrived back in Menaggio before 6pm, and caught the 6.10pm ferry back to Varenna, where we enjoyed a pizza and bottle of wine for dinner at Bar Il Molo on the harbour front. We so enjoyed our day trip to Switzerland, and we were so pleased to have squeezed it in on our last day.

Varenna harbour, Lake Como, Seize the day project

View across Lake Como from Bar Il Molo, Varenna

Have you been to Switzerland? If so, where did you visit?

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