Lately, I’ve been seeing butterflies – not just one, I’ve seen dozens of them, in various colours, shapes and sizes. The arrival of a butterfly always delights me and lifts my mood. They’ve greeted me on my morning walks with the dog, landed on me when I’m out in the yard and planted themselves on the windscreen of my car – luckily it was parked at the time, so there was no carnage! They’ve been fluttering around me with their beautifully coloured wings, with such persistence that I can’t help but think they’re trying to tell me something, or at least to give me a sign.

Now, it’s said that butterflies symbolise change, transformation and new beginnings. I’ve read that if you’re seeing butterflies you may already be experiencing some type of transformation in your life and the butterfly is letting your know not to worry, that everything will be OK.

I’ve had a few curve balls thrown at me lately, so to be honest, I’m relating more to the caterpillar than the butterfly right now! However, I do have a few changes underway, so I sure hope these winged beauties are trying to tell me that there’s something beautiful coming my way – oh please, yes! It would be lovely to think that the end result is certainly worth the sometimes painful process of metamorphosis.

Another theory is that the butterfly brings a blessing from departed loved ones. That message would also be very welcome, as I constantly think of my dear departed Dad, and still miss him terribly. He always promised to give me a sign that he’s around me, and he never went back on a promise!

Some years ago, at a time when my income was rather restricted, I kept finding coins. This went on for several weeks – I kept finding them in the most unlikely places. Not long after that, I got a new job, which meant more income. The coins were indeed a sign.

My lovely friend Shari recently posted a photo on Facebook of a white feather and commented that she’s been seeing a succession of feathers around her for months now.  People responded that the feathers are a message from her guardian angels, to let her know that she’s being looked after. If that’s what we choose to believe, it can bring great comfort, especially in challenging times.

Do you believe in signs? Have you experienced a sign or series of signs and its lead to something beautiful or interesting happening in your life? Please share your experience in the Comment Box below  – I love to hear your stories!