Am I on track to achieve my business goals for 2016? You betcha!

Up until this time last year, I worked a part-time job as well as running my copywriting business from home. The job was my bread and butter/bill money and it also helped finance my trip to Italy, for which I’m very grateful.

In June last year, the owners of the small business I worked for announced that the business had been sold and my job would be finishing – in two weeks’ time. I panicked at first, wondering whether to look for another part-time job or not. After speaking to a few people who know me well, they all said it was time to step up and go full time in my business. I’ve had my own copywriting business since 1998, but was lured by the promise of a regular part-time wage from an employer as well, so I’d never fully committed to the business. At first, going full-time in the business was a really scary thing to do, but then I thought, “Well, what have I got to lose?”

So, from July 2015, The Professional Writer has been my sole source of income. I decided to put all my mental energy into growing the business and was determined to make it succeed. I committed to getting out and doing more face-to-face networking, which is a great source of leads for me (lots of small business owners at those breakfasts and lunches), as well as writing more blog posts and posting on LinkedIn, which is where my people hang out. I also joined a regular business networking/support group, which has been awesome too.

While the financial year started off a little slowly, by August and September I had a steady flow of work coming in, and by October and November, I was working full-time for clients. As is the case every year, mid-December to mid-January were deadly quiet, as everyone is in festive/holiday mode. This lull is something I have to plan for each year, as it will inevitably happen again and again.

In the third week of January however, it seemed like everyone came back from holidays ready to update their marketing materials/website/Company Profile. I was inundated with work! The past six months have been awesome, with a steady flow of ongoing work.

I’m proud to say, for this financial year, I’ve tripled the previous year’s turnover! I’m so excited and quite frankly, rather relieved that the business is going so well.

I’m now earning more than I was from the combined income of the part-time job and running the business on the side.

If you’d asked me whether I could achieve this a year ago, I wouldn’t have been confident, but now I’ve proved it can be done! I can’t wait to see my accountant’s face when I show him the year’s figures!

I credit the huge increase in turnover to:

  • Setting goals and committing to achieving them
  • Focusing my energy on the business
  • Talking about my business in a more positive light
  • Expressing my gratitude for each and every new client and job that comes my way
  • Spending time on my own marketing, including updating my website and social media profiles
  • Networking on a regular basis
  • Focusing on my clients, addressing their needs and producing a quality outcome they’re really happy with
  • Backing myself and believing in myself

As Anthony Robbins says, “Where focus goes, energy flows!”

I’m loving my breakthrough year in business.  Now, as for my exercise routine, well, it’s winter … one thing at a time!  🙂

Are you on track to reach your goals for 2016?

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