I love beach walks.

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Looking north towards Fingal Head with Cook Island in the centre of the pic

One of the things my hubby and I enjoy doing on the weekends is taking a walk on the beach with our dog. Sometimes it’s just hubby and I, while other times, the kids join us. We find it’s a great way to disconnect with the outside world and chat or just enjoy the peace and quiet. Even though we sometimes have to yell over the sound of the crashing waves, it’s always an invigorating experience.

Beach walks, dog, dogs life, Fingal beach, Fingal head, Seize the day project

Our dog loves going to the beach. Photo credit: James Guinery-Smith on GoPro

Beach walk, dog, dogs life, Fingal head, Fingal beach, Seize the day project

Loving the beach run

Living on the Coast

We are so very blessed to live in a beautiful part of the world – the New South Wales Far North Coast, right on the border with Queensland. Our area is very popular with holidaymakers, but most of them head further North, to the bright lights and tourist attractions of Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast. Many of those tourists never discover the absolute beauty which can be found on the southern side of the border, but we kinda like it that way. 🙂

Beach walks, Fingal, quiet time, reconnect, Seize the day project

Gotta love it when there are no other footprints in front of you on the beach

Among the natural features of our area are the Tweed River, the Border Ranges and Mount Warning. We also have a number of gorgeous National Parks and of course, a wide variety of beautiful beaches. We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to places to go for a walk.

When hubby and I first arrived in the area 25 years ago, we had a paper map. There were no smart phones and GPS in those days. We would visit a different place each weekend, and put a red dot on the  map to mark each of the places we’d visited. It took us quite a long time to cover all the pretty little corners of our local area – maybe two years.

Back to the beach walks

The beaches which are closest to us are Kirra, Coolangatta, Rainbow Bay and Duranbah. We can easily walk to any of these. I enjoy morning beach walks on the beaches closer to home. However, dogs are not allowed on these beaches, as they are very popular and most people don’t like dogs running around kicking up sand while they’re sun baking.

Beach walks, Greenmount, Rainbow Bay, Snapper Rocks, coastal walk, Seize the day project

Early morning at Greenmount headland, looking over Rainbow Bay towards Snapper Rocks

There are only two places we can take our dog for a run on the beach – South Kingscliff and Dreamtime Beach near Fingal Head. Last weekend, we decided to take our pooch for a walk/run at Dreamtime Beach. We walk, she runs! When we set out, the weather looked fine, although it as quite windy. By the time we drove to Fingal (about 10 minutes south), parked the car and walked about 200 metres through the bush to the beach, the weather looked like this.

Fingal, beach walks, stormy weather, Seize The Day Project

Stormy skies

We didn’t really notice the big black cloud until we were down on the sand. It was a little late to turn around. We thought, oh well, if we get rained on. We knew we’dl just have to dry off when we got back to the car.

The cloud hung over us for at least half an hour, which was a welcome relief from the searing sun. It moved slowly out to sea and we didn’t get a drop of rain.

While the wind was whipping dry sand across the beach, stinging our legs and feet, it was still a really lovely walk.

Beach walks, spinifex, Fingal beach, Seize the day project

Lots and lots of spinifex drifting across the sand

Beach walks, spinifex, Fingal beach, Fingal Head, Seize the day project

Buried spinifex

Beach walks, Fingal beach, FIngal head, clouds, reconnect, Seize the day project

Time to head home. You can see the dry sand whipping across the beach in this shot.

We love our beach walks and find they help us reconnect as a couple and as a family. If we ever live inland, I think I’d need to revisit the beach often – I love it!

Do you have somewhere special you enjoy walking? Perhaps it’s the beach, a river, a lake – or even the mountains. How do you feel when you’re walking in nature? Let me know in the comments below.

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