What makes Autumn sunrises different? With the arrival of autumn, the sunrise gets later, and the early mornings are so dark, I’m not all that keen to get out of bed early – are you the same? Personally, I can’t wait for daylight savings to end, so we can get back to the one time on the Eastern seaboard. Living on the border of two states with split times for six months of the year does my head in!

The later sunrises and quite a few rainy days have been playing havoc with my early morning walks. If I leave home later, in order to capture the sunrise, I have to really watch the time so I can be home to make sure the kids get off to school on time and start my workday. I’m a morning person, so I like to be at my desk, ready to start work by around 8.00-8.30 at the latest. The later I start, the less work I get done!

Despite all that, I do love my morning walks, as they help me start the day in the right way. I’ve managed to capture a few good morning shots, which I share with you below. Enjoy! 🙂

Autumn sunrises

The iron eagle and old pavilion at Kirra Point


Autumn sunrises

Kirra Beach looking towards Coolangatta


Greenmount Point from both directions – different day. I loved seeing the remains of this sandcastle. It’s been too long since I built one…


Sunrise from Point Danger, right on the NSW/Qld border


Autumn sunrises

You never know what you’ll find on the beach. This huge old tree washed up on Flagstaff Beach had been in the water a long time.


Crashing waves at Snapper Rocks


You can see why surfers from around the world are attracted to our beautiful beaches


Autumn sunrises

Heading around the point at Rainbow Bay. Different day, different skies …


Autumn sunrises

Speaking of amazing skies…


Autumn sunrises

A serene morning on the Tweed River


Clearer water on the high tide. Something keeps drawing me back to this jetty.


Autumn sunrises

Sometimes there’s colour in the sky and it makes my day!


autumn sunrises

Nothing like a glowing sunrise to start the day in the right way!

So now that I’ve shown you my Autumn sunrises… tell me about your mornings. Do you have a morning routine? When do you prefer to exercise? Let me know in the comments below.

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