Having had a lot on my plate lately, I’ve been in a state of overwhelm. It’s not something you plan on happening. Overwhelm just kind of sneaks up on you while you’re busy trying to juggle and keep all the balls in the air!

I started Googling to find some tips to help me deal with my overwhelm, before it turns into full blown burnout, so I thought I’d share some of the handy tips I found with you all J.

1. Remember to breathe

Yes, I know, we all breathe all day, every day in order to survive. But this is referring to those long, slow, deep breaths which fill the lungs with oxygen, rather than the quick, shallow breaths we often take throughout the day. When was the last time you took at least three consecutive long, slow, deep breaths?  It has been a while for me, but I’ve been practicing the past few days and it does help you feel more relaxed.

2. Start saying “No”

If you’re feeling overwhelm, it’s often because you’ve overcommitted yourself. You don’t have to agree to everything you’re asked to do. If you want to do something, fine – go ahead, but if you don’t, then feel free to say a firm but friendly, “No thank you”.

3. Be sure to get enough sleep

Being tired is a big contributor to feeling overwhelmed. If you need to go to bed earlier, do it! I find the deep breathing helps me get to sleep, and I also have a lovely lavender oil which makes me a little drowsy too.

4. Start your day in a positive way

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of the brisk morning walk. Each morning, I get up at daybreak and take a walk, often capturing the sunrise, which I post on Facebook and Instagram. I love my walks and I find it sets me up for a more positive start to my day. I get a little cranky if I miss out J.

Some people prefer to meditate, jog or go to the gym to start the day. Exercise is a really positive way to help with overwhelm too.

5. Have a plan

Each morning (after your walk!), write a list of your things to do, then chunk your time into a plan for the day. That way, you know what’s coming next. I find it also helps to do the toughest task first, then the rest of the day is a breeze.

Cross things off your list as you do them – it feels great! You can also try writing a list for tomorrow at the end of each day. Then you’ll have a head start as soon as you get up.

6. Eat well

Fuelling our bodies with healthy, nutritious foods is really helpful to our overall health. Eating junk food or getting by on cup after cup of coffee is definitely not healthy. At the very least, try to get your 5 serves of vegies and 2 pieces of fruit in each day, as well as a couple of serves of protein and fibre.

7. Take things one day at a time

Just focus on what you can realistically achieve today. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Thinking too far ahead only contributes to the feeling of overwhelm and may stop you achieving your goals for the day.

8. Be kind to yourself

We often expect way too much of ourselves and those expectations can lead us into places we’d rather not go. See if you can plan a day off, or even an hour or two, where you can do something for yourself. It might be a facial, a massage, or just some time alone to read a book or take a nice long soak in the bathtub.

9. Ask for help

Your loved ones and those around you may not realise how you’re feeling, so it’s important to let them know. Asking for help can be hard, but most people are happy to help out or share the load for a while. Remember, they’re not mind-readers! This is something I really need to focus on, as I’m really not good at asking for help.

Naturally, if you feel your physical or mental health is being affected, consult a medical professional for advice.

What do you do when you feel yourself heading for overwhelm? Do you have any tips to add?

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