Sunrise Photo Calendar

Sunrise Photo Calendar by Seize the Day Project

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I never used to be an early riser – I was never up before 7am. However in recent years, I’ve enjoyed the peace and serenity that can only be found in the early morning. I get up at first light and take a walk along the river or the beach. I love the solitude, the calm and the quiet time. Along the way, I take a morning photo – often capturing the sunrise or life along the shoreline. I then post the pics on the Seize The Day Project Facebook page and now on Instagram as well.

Last year, I got such a positive response to my morning/sunrise photos! At the suggestion of a number of followers, I produced a limited edition sunrise photo calendar, which sold out. The feedback from the calendar has been amazing!

I plan to produce another Sunrise Photo Calendar for 2018, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. I’m currently in discussions with a couple of charities to confirm they are a good fit with the Seize the Day Project philosophy. I will confirm the name of the charity before the calendars go on sale in August/September 2017.

So, now my early morning walk has 7 benefits
  1. It’s good exercise and helps keep my body healthy
  2. It’s great for my mental health
  3. It helps me start my day in a positive way
  4. I have a renewed appreciation for the beautiful area that I’m privileged to live in
  5. I enjoy taking and sharing my pre-dawn/dawn photos with people from all around the world
  6. I’m excited to have more than enough interest to produce the Sunrise Photo Calendar
  7. A charity will benefit from the sale of each calendar

You can be part of making the 2018 Sunrise Photo Calendar a success. All you have to do is:

  • Follow Seize the Day Project on Facebook or Instagram
  • Like, comment and/or share my posts
  • The images with the most likes, comments and shares will be selected for next year’s calendar
  • Followers will be the first to know when pre-orders are open for the 2018 Sunrise Photo Calendar

Below are a few sample photos for your viewing pleasure. Some of these were used in the 2017 Sunrise Photo Calendar. Thanks for your continued support :).

Sunrise calendar, Seize the day project, Tweed sunriseSunrise photo calendar, Seize the day project, Tweed sunrise Sunrise photo calendar, Seize the day project, Tweed sunrise