In these busy times, do you sometimes feel a bit disconnected from your loved ones? Maybe even a little alone? Lots of us do. Following are a few quick tips you might like to try if you want to enhance your sense of connection… As always, if you like it, please say so and feel free to share the love with others. Grazie! πŸ™‚

  1. Respect yourself – We have to love ourselves before we can love others.
  2. Respect others – appreciate the good in your loved ones and treat them with the respect they deserve, even if you don’t always like them.
  3. Listen up – Pay attention and be truly present when you’re with your loved ones. This makes them feel important, which of course, they are!
  4. Eat together – Enjoy a meal together with your family or friends – without the interruption of technology, i.e. turn off the TV, phones, computer, etc.
  5. Give unconditionally – Don’t expect anything in return, enjoy the good feeling you get from it.
  6. Pay it forward – Do a favour or give to someone you know, or even a friendly stranger, and ask them to do the same for another person.
  7. Smile – It makes you and others around you feel better.
  8. Express gratitude – Be grateful for your blessings.
  9. Say please and thank you – Basic stuff, but so often overlooked.
  10. Practice empathy – Imagine how it would feel in another’s situation.
  11. Say it!Β –Β Tell someone how you feel about them.
  12. Hug a friend who is suffering.
  13. Be a role model or mentor for younger people in your family or community.
  14. Support local businesses in your area – the people who own and work in those businesses are your neighbours and potential friends
  15. Show up, and be on time.
  16. You’ll be old too, one day. Smile and acknowledge the elderly – they are so often ignored and it makes them sad.
  17. Remember birthdays and anniversaries- send a card or give a small thoughtful gift.
  18. Offer to help out a friend in need with babysitting, cooking, cleaning or whatever is helpful.
  19. Spend quality time with your children – they grow up so quickly.
  20. Call your Mum … or Dad – they love to hear from us
  21. Keep in touch with old friends – Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver, the other is gold.
  22. Do you have a tip to add? Please write it in the comments box below. Thanks! πŸ™‚
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