“If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done” Rita Mae Brown

OK, I’ll be honest. I do procrastinate sometimes. Yes, I do! How about you? Yes? I think we’re all guilty of it sometimes. The trick is in learning how to minimise procrastination and maximise action. Hmmm, yes, it can be a bit tricky indeed!

…and it kinda goes against the whole “Seize the Day Project” philosophy. That’s part of the reason I’ve started this project – to become a better version of myself first, then help others to do the same.

I had an important (paid) copywriting job to do today. Working from home is great, but there are times when I get overwhelmed by the amount of distractions the home setting provides, from household chores I wouldn’t normally be so keen to do, to surfing the net for hours at a time, to talking to the dog/neighbours/friend who called to catch up, just because I can.

I usually get started with writing projects first thing in the morning, which means I’d have at least a draft or two finished by lunchtime.

But today, I found other “important”things to do first, such as:

  • Washing – a necessity, but I took it to the extreme by doing 3 loads + hand washing!
  • Checking Facebook – not a necessity at the time
  • Taking the dog to the vet – we DID have an appointment, but it only took 20 minutes
  • Going to the supermarket – could have waited until this afternoon
  • Having several snacks – I am supposed to be on Weight Watchers – oops!
  • Sorting the weekend’s washing – could have been done tonight in front of TV
  • Sweeping and cleaning up – could have asked the kids to do it! *LAUGHS*

Perhaps the kids being on school holidays had something to do with my procrastination – oh yes, it was their fault! Or maybe it was just little ol’ me, putting off something I really needed to do.

I didn’t start writing until after lunch and now I’ve done two parts of it, but I’ve run out of steam to finish the job today. The client told me its fine for me to get it done at my leisure – something no client should EVER say to a freelancer! We need deadlines, people – DEAD-LINES!!

I know I work best early in the day, but I gave that precious time to other less useful tasks. Thanks procrastination – you really are the thief of time!

So why do we procrastinate? Because we’re disorganised, overwhelmed or waiting for the perfect time, place, day, equipment or surroundings? Tick all of the above.

Let’s face it, the time will never be perfect. We just have to get started…. Don’t we? Ahem!

So, here’s 10 tips to kill procrastination

I’m going to try them and, hopefully, they will help stamp out at least some of my procrastination…

  1. Recognise you are procrastinating
  2. Look at the cost of your time – how much MONEY are you wasting?
  3. Set yourself a goal and a deadline
  4. Make a step-by-step plan or To Do list
  5. Stop thinking about it and actually GET STARTED
  6. Don’t be a perfectionist, just do something – you can polish it later
  7. Do the thing you most fear FIRST – everything after that will be easy
  8. Take baby steps – one slow teensy weensy step at a time until you can gain more momentum
  9. Get yourself a buddy – accountability often helps
  10. Announce your goals/intentions publicly – then you’ve sorta gotta do it 🙂

So, what do you think? Have any of these strategies worked for you? Let me know all your procrastination secrets …. I won’t tell! Please leave your lovely comments in the box below.

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